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The Nitty-Gritty: Southern Maryland Voters Restless as Officials Dumped from Office

McKay’s genius move of producing whatever enticement worked to motivate Del Johnny Wood to support him in the GOP primary hopefully was transacted in full as McKay simply came in third behind both Morgan and Barthelme, who was making his first run for office. Perhaps Wood will soon be seen behind the meat counter at Charlotte Hall in a gravy job. But the big surprise of Wood endorsing McKay at a fundraiser likely gave Republicans a good view of Good Old Boy Democrats simply switching to the GOP to continue to run their game.

Calvert County Md. Primary Election Results for 2014: George Owings back, voters show Gerry Clark the door

Democrat George Owings is back at the top of the political heap in Calvert County Maryland, scoring a big vote for County Commissioner President on the Democratic ballot and winning more votes than any Democrats or Republicans in the screwy system of voting in Calvert. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo