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MURDER USA Fat Daddy’s Crab shooting fatal to Daniel Lyles; 911 call said man had fallen, cops found #1 Jimmy D.O.A.

It was dinner time in Randallstown as the fat crabs were being steamed the bar patrons were loading up on their favorite brew when Baltimore County Police got a call for a freshly ventilated #1 Jimmy, which is Maryland crab vernacular for a male crab

Checkers is open late but not late enough for these two bozos caught red-handed burglarizing

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that the long arm of the law caught up with two miscreants who are now on the fast track to prison unless they get lenient treatment from one of Maryland’s many liberal judges. The two clowns caught robbing Checkers located on Rt. 235 in California, were wearing masks when found by deputies inside the burger joint. The masks were clearly intended for the benefit of the security cameras as the popular burger and shake establishment was closed and there were no employees around to notice the format of their faces.