Convicted DUI driver says ‘You can imagine the impact of this Google listing on my job search’ when asking to have name dumped from DWI Hit Parade

In no way am I excusing my horrible judgment in July but I am asking that you kindly remove my information as a tremendous favor to me. While I have no right to expect this consideration, I do hope that you are willing to assist me. You can imagine the impact of this Google listing on my job search and I ask you for myself and my son to consider its removal

Boozing Bishop Killed and Ran; Episcopalians Give Her the Boot…will she get a ‘golden chalice’?

Bishop who killed bicyclist and fled the scene was DUI in 2010; pot charges were dropped

BALTIMORE, MD. — An Episcopal Bishop with a DUI conviction on her record and pot packing in her history with police apparently nailed and killed a Baltimore man who was riding his bike on Sunday. No charges have been placed yet against Heather Elizabeth Cook, 58, the first woman Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, who, perhaps had too much communion wine at Sunday services.

The Baltimore Sun reports that when the Bishop saw what she had done, she fled the scene