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Court News: crooked land lawyer gets year in slammer for screwing lenders of nearly 2 million

According to the fraudulent settlement statement, Blythe was to pay a purported mortgage company $1,972,427.82 from the proceeds. At the closing in October 2004, Blythe failed to collect Strosnider’s funds as described in the settlement statement. In addition, she distributed the proceeds of the sale not to the fictitious trustee and church, but to her co-conspirator.

Swift currents claim third man in seven days at Cove Point on Chesapeake Bay

LUSBY, MD. — Those who are unaware of the swift currents in the Chesapeake Bay at Cove Point Lighthouse should take note of the fact that three people have drowned at that location in one week. Daniel Jason Brown and his brother, Douglas Brown Jr. died on July 27th when both men were caught in the currents of the Bay and drowned. Daniel’s body was recovered the day he died while his brother’s body was found two days later.