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Hogan sends his list of appointments to fill key executive and advisory boards in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today submitted 331 appointment nominations, known as “Green Bag” appointments, to the Maryland State Senate.

The governor’s appointments secretary, James Fielder, presented Senate President Mike Miller with the names of nominees, which include representatives from all 23 counties and Baltimore City. The 331 names submitted represent one of the highest totals in recent history for these types of appointees and demonstrates the outpouring of bipartisan support the governor and the administration have received from the citizens of Maryland.

“The names submitted today represent our administration’s commitment to the people of Maryland to provide the responsive, competent, and well-qualified state government they deserve and expect,” said Governor Hogan

Teen’s anger towards mother fueled her arson of their apartment; now she is in reform school — did anyone take away her cigarette lighter?

The fire was determined to be Arson and Investigators were able to develop that a female juvenile occupant of the involved apartment was responsible. During the investigation the female juvenile confessed to using an ordinary cigarette lighter and paper to set the fire. It was also determined that the juvenile and her mother had been engaged in a domestic argument prior to the fire

Second child found dead in Cumberland duplex blaze

The fire originated in 402 where 2 adults and 4 children were sleeping. One child succumbed to injuries received at the scene and one child is being actively searched for at this time. The occupants of 404 escaped without injury.