Murder USA: Woman’s attempt to gun down her family resulted in fatal shootout in living room

The investigation indicates when Glacken arrived at the home, Hunter saw her get out of her car and remove a handgun from her purse. She reportedly fired a shot into a door of the home. She entered the home and fired multiple rounds. Hunter retreated to a bedroom, obtained a shotgun and confronted Glacken, who was in the kitchen area. Hunter told investigators Glacken was raising the gun toward him when he fired the shotgun, striking her.

Murder USA: Body of Prakash Rampatsingh ruled murder by gunshot; wife filed for divorce day prior to slaying

(HAMPSTEAD, MD) — What happens when killers want to get rid of a body in Maryland? From a recent case in Talbot County where rich kids having a drug party on imported narcotics rub out one of their buddies to the regular dispatch of competing drug dealers in Baltimore City, killers are always faced with the problem of disposal.

Murderers throughout modern history either take a boat out and weigh down the victim’s body with cinderblocks and chains or simply dump the corpse out along a country road. Here is a story of one victim who wasn’t given a boat ride:

Maryland State Police and Carroll County Sheriff’s Office deputies are investigating the death of a man whose body was found along a wooded area beside a rural field in northern Carroll County this morning