HOMELESS and BANKLESS: Banks closing their branches as online banking grows; robberies traumatize rural banks; failures at much lower rate than recent years

EASTON, MD. — The well-built former branch of Capital One Bank in Easton, which bought out Chevy Chase Bank, boasts an iconic design. The closed bank building needs no sign to identify it. The building was part of the brand but today it sits empty with a ‘for lease’ sign nearby and a homeless man camped out on the front porch during what formerly was during business hours.

Now the bankless joins the homeless.

Bomb Thweatt earned cash from 3 banks

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police –Major Crimes Division have arrested and charged Morris Kenneth Thweatt, age 46, of the 7600 block of Maple Avenue in Takoma Park, for the robberies of three banks in Silver Spring.

Investigation by Montgomery County Police – Major Crimes detectives revealed that during these bank robberies, the male suspect, later identified as Thweatt, would enter the bank and pass a note to the teller stating that he had a bomb. Thweatt would then display a device wrapped in foil, claiming it was a bomb.

PG bank robber gets short term for bank robberies from silly Judge Chasanow

More specifically, on four occasions from March 13 to May 22, 2013, McBride and others, including juveniles, drove to the following bank branches where he stole a total of $9,093: TD Bank, PNC Bank, and Citibank in Washington, D.C.; and SunTrust Bank in Forestville, Maryland. Also, on May 13, 2013, McBride and his conspirators drove to Capitol One Bank in Suitland, Maryland, to rob the bank but left without having obtained any money.