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Lighthouses of the Chesapeake region

Lighthouses – St. Clements Island, also known through the years as Blackistone Island, now is home to a rebuilt lighthouse. The original was abandoned as a lighthouse and then vandalized prior to being demolished by the Navy as target practice. The island is now a park and the lighthouse is open several times a year for visitors. A beach and pier greet visitors every day. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

The Lightship Chesapeake: during WWII, the ship was outfitted with two 20 mm guns

Lightship 116 is one of the last extant lightships in the United has had few modifications during its service. Four generations of lightships were in use in the United States from 1820 to 1983, serving as an essential part of the system of aids to navigation that protected mariners and their ships by marking stations through a combination of light and sound.
Lightship 116 is a well-preserved example from the third generation of lightship design and from the vessel class of Lightship 100, whose most significant advance was the installation of a diesel-electric power plant.