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Are your sheds and outbuildings locked? Police report more thefts by drug-crazed heathens in St. Mary’s County

Your lawnmower, riding tractor, roto-tiller or boat motor might be just fine the way you have them arranged in your boathouses, sheds or carports but to druggies, they are a ticket to tonight’s paradise for a cheap dose of crack or heroin. Some thieves take your items to pawn shops or scrap metal dealers.

Here are a few more recent reports from police of those who have become victims of burglars and thieves and in many cases the items were left in unlocked structures.

Clinton: PG Cops nail dirtbag burglars who tried to run them over with car, hitting one officer; return fire hit targets!

The suspects were determined to flee, and used their car as a weapon. The suspects sped toward the officers, striking one of them, before speeding away from the scene.

Capitol Heights: Dirtbag went for his gun after police responded to gunfire; cop nailed him — dead!

Officers Uninjured After Fatal Police-Involved Shooting — a victory for the taxpayers! CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD. — The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Special Investigation Response Team (SIRT) is investigating a…

Scumbags! Burglars hit Brandywine home of dead firefighter while family was at his funeral

From NBC 4 – Sept. 6, 2013 — The family of a fallen D.C. firefighter came home from his funeral to find something that deepened their pain: Their home had…