Jail guards Kimberly Dennis and Antonia Allison were jail guards prostituting themselves for money to Black Guerilla Family killers in Maryland Prison; now they go behind bars

Forty of the 44 defendants charged in the racketeering conspiracy have been convicted, including 24 correctional officers. Thirty-five defendants pleaded guilty; five defendants were convicted after trial. Three defendants were acquitted and one defendant died.

Inmate Tavon White, a/k/a Bulldog and Tay, age 37, of Baltimore was sentenced to 12 years in prison

Black Guerilla Family Update: gang member inmate had sex with guards and directed smuggling into jail gets 30 months more fun

Morrison was a BGF member and in pretrial custody at BCDC from 2012 to 2013. He was involved with and often directed the smuggling of cell phones, tobacco, marijuana, and drugs into BCDC through other correctional officers who received payments, gifts, or a share of the profits. Morrison had sexual relations with at least one of the correctional officers involved with contraband trafficking. He also helped conceal from prison officials contraband smuggled into the jail.