Baltimore Riot: City of Baltimore officials reach $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with Freddie Gray’s family

Baltimore officials have reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man who died in April from a neck injury he suffered in police custody, according to two people with knowledge of the agreement.

Baltimore Riots: Governor Larry Hogan Calls For Statewide “Day Of Prayer And Peace”

“Just a few days ago, the people of Baltimore City, Maryland, and the entire nation watched as Baltimore was consumed by violence and tragedy. Homes and businesses were devastated and police officers were openly attacked by the few who chose aggression over peaceful demonstration. Tonight, I once again strongly urge all citizens of Baltimore, and those from outside our city and state, to remain peaceful, and nonviolent. As we prepare to start a new week, I ask that all Maryland citizens join me in a day of prayer and unity for Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.

Come one, come all! Rat on your arsonist thug neighbor in the Baltimore riots; win big bucks for a cruise!

ATF is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for multiple structure fires intentionally set throughout Baltimore on Monday evening. These incidents include but are not limited to the fires that occurred at the Mary Harkins Senior Center on North Chester Street, the CVS Pharmacies on Pennsylvania Avenue and West Franklin Street, and the Rite Aid Pharmacy on North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Baltimore riots mark city’s tourism suicide note

All because a Mayor provided a not-so-subtle okay to the street criminals to destroy not only the city’s buildings, but also its good name and ripped the fabric of civilization and the illusion of security it provides. After all, who is going to spend a hot summer evening watching the Orioles play the Milwaukee Brewers if they know that they take their lives in their hands just walking to their cars to get home?

WHY ARE THEY RIOTING IN BALTIMORE? Opinion by Colonel Donald J. Myers USMC (Ret.)

If the people in Baltimore want change, then they need to change the people in government. The Baltimore mayor stated on Monday that she was allowing distance so that those who wanted to destroy could do so. What kind of leadership is that? Later, she denied stating that and blamed the media for taking her comment out of context. There is absolutely no way that her comment could possibly be misunderstood. I listened to it several times