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DWI Hit Parade: The driver on the bus says: “booze on back, booze on back…” field trip bus driver busted for DUI

A sober driver from the commercial bus company was summoned to the scene. While the children were waiting, a trooper assigned to the Aviation Command treated them all to pizza he purchased and delivered to the scene along the shoulder of Rt. 50.

Cold enough for hell to freeze over but silly kayaker still gets stuck on Potomac island; required chopper rescue

Rescue personnel spotted the stranded kayaker submerged to his waist and clinging to a rock to avoid being swept downstream in the swift moving water. The 54-year-old male victim was about 75 yards off the Maryland shore. Due to the 35 degree water and 25 degree air temperatures, fire department rescuers on the ground coordinated with the crew of Trooper 3 to hoist the victim from overhead to safety as quickly as possible.