Upon returning my fourth deployment with the marines from Camp Lejeune, I had orders to Vietnam and spent 1965 as an advisor to a Vietnamese infantry battalion near the demilitarized Zone. By the time that I left Vietnam, I was a captain. Christmas was just another day, although the rear areas celebrated in one fashion or another. 1968 found me back in Vietnam first as a company commander in 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines and later as the operations officer. We were in the field for Christmas working with Vietnamese troops. I think that we did have a hot meal, but I am not sure. It was just another day. I do recall that one of the units had some type of Christmas tree and it was decorated with soda and beer cans along with other elements that could be found in a combat area. We got a big kick out of it. I still have a picture of it in one of my scrap books. Humor and relief is where you find it.