SOUTHERN MARYLAND POLICE BEAT / Cops: Junkies swap liquid methadone to drug dealers for heroin; Javar Nolan plucked From Pump House Lane on distribution of heroin rap

Nolan was indicted by a St. Mary’s County Grand Jury on March 23, 2005, for armed robbery and was represented by David Densford, who now is a Circuit Court Judge. In a plea deal between Densford and Fritz, Nolan entered a guilty plea to one count of armed robbery while ten counts of use of a handgun in the commission of a violent crime, burglary, and armed robbery were all dropped.

Maryland State Police Beat / HEROIN EPIDEMIC: Cops say three were dealing heroin; Attorney General files to seize wheels of alleged dealer William Saunders

Since that deal was struck, Saunders has been cited for violation of probation four times. His period of supervised probation agreed to by States Attorney Adams was for eighteen months.