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Report: Obama opened the cell doors and pumped out thousands of convicted illegal aliens murderers, drunk drivers, violent offenders

Immigration officials knowingly released dozens of murderers and thousands of drunken drivers back into the U.S. in 2013, according to Obama administration statistics that could undercut the president’s argument that he is trying to focus on the most serious criminals in his immigration enforcement.

St. Mary’s Sheriff’s DUI arrests for February 2014

  The following persons were charged with DUI / DWI by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Patrol Officers DUI ARRESTS Thomas Matthew Dorsey, 44, of Mechanicsville 2-14-14 by Corporal Somerville…

Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barracks reports DWI arrests for May 1, 2014

Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack reports the following persons charged with DWI / DUI April 23 thru April 30, 2014 Robert Anthony Devos, 67, of Hollywood on 4/23/14 by TFC…

Mackall Snapped; led cops on St. Mary’s DUI Grand Prix with no wheels; chase circled county

The vehicle finally came to a stop at Route 235, in the area of Valley Drive, Lexington Park. The sole occupant of the vehicle fled the vehicle on foot and was apprehended by K-9 from the Sheriff’s Office. The suspect began to kick the K-9 and was bitten.

Kenneth Allen Woodburn given free pass for DUI by States Attorney Richard Fritz; internet petition urges charges for shooting dog

Corporal Connelly then searched Woodburn and found a smoking device containing suspected marijuana residue. During a search of Woodburn’s vehicle, four (4) firearms were located.
One of the firearms appeared to be a long gun modified to appear and function as a handgun.