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Fishing’s Hot, and that’s Nothin’ but the Truth

Trolling spring trophy spreads of tandem rigs, parachutes, and daisy chains over deep waters in the main-stem bay is the ticket to fish over 30 inches

Cruise cut short for boy with symptoms of appendicitis

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Dec. 11, 2010) – A Coast Guard rescue helicopter crew medevaced a 13-year-old boy off a cruise ship approximately 40 miles northeast of Cape Hatteras Saturday. Coast Guard watchstanders received…

Coast Guard rescues 2 from sinking 88′ sailboat in rough seas

The crew abandoned the sinking vessel and was hoisted from the water by one of the helicopter crews

Coast Guard rescues two from sinking fishing vessel

PORTSMOUTH, Va. Dec. 7, 2010 – A Coast Guard rescue crew from Station Cape Charles rescued two people off the sinking fishing vessel Mandyle, 10 miles east of Wachapreague Sunday evening. Coast…

Snorkelfishing: A Close Encounter

During a visit to Serges Performance Cycles Shop in Lexington Park, I spotted a very unique heavy duty beach bike outfitted with a small single cylinder engine. “Looks like this…

Bringing Back the Little Nippers

Unfortunately, diving for oysters requires submerging your body into cold water. Those months with an “R” in them happen to be on the cool side of the calendar.

Human error usual cause of boating fatalities

By ARIEL ZIRULNICK News21/CNS= PHILADELPHIA – Like most accidents, it wasn’t just one thing that went wrong when a barge rammed into a tour boat on the Delaware River in…

Smoked and Fried Turkey Cooking Tips

  Bradley Smokers 2010, Turkey Recipes (will work with other fowl). First a quick sales pitch (your recipes follow closely) It is all about great flavor, but convenience does not…