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Book World: DEAD ON – Chapter Twenty-One

Robert W. Walker’s thrilling DEAD ON continued:   Chapter TWENTY ONE   Convinced now that they had no other avenue of escape, Katrina ushered Nora and the children to and…

Book World: DEAD ON Chapter Nineteen

  Robert W. Walker’s DEAD ON   Chapter NINETEEN   The children had abandoned Paco for their mother instead; Nora hugged her little ones to her where they huddled at…

Book World: DEAD ON- Chapter Eighteen

Book World: DEAD ON- Chapter Eighteen

Book World: DEAD ON Chapter Seventeen

  Robert W. Walker’s DEAD ON Chapter SEVENTEEN   Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their country, Marcus Rydell thought where he…

Book World: DEAD ON by Robert W. Walker Chapter Fifteen

Rydell put out a hand to the heavyset Nora to help her from the crouching position she’d taken with Dannry. She refused his hand, and Marcus’s tone turned to that of a drill sergeant. “Get back to your hotel room, pack, and take a cab to the Nashville Business Airport east of the city. We’ll meet you there. My plane seats exactly six.”

“Not me, Mr. Rydell,” said Carl. “I’ll drive the car back to Marietta, got work on Monday, a major contractor. Date’s been set for months.”

“Listen, Carl is it?” asked Rydell, taking the frail looking man aside. “You have any idea what this guy will do to you if he finds you alone at home?”

Book World: DEAD ON by Robert W. Walker Chapter Fourteen

“From what JT told me, and from what I could see, the head and limbs were bound by yards and yards of heavy medical tape to tuck everything into the center at the torso. Hung up like a side of beef. Only thing keeping the flies off was the smoke.” Marcus had decided to leave no detail out; she needed to fear this man with every fiber of her being.

Book World: DEAD ON – Chapter Thirteen

As he approached over the water in the small excursion craft, Rydell wondered how much to tell Katrina. He’d seen the house come into view and seeing her standing out on the deck overlooking the lake, he felt like the proverbial husband sneaking in after a night of carousing. Surely, he faced her wrath.

Book World: Dead On – Chapter Twelve

While awaiting news on the identity of the victim, Marcus had picked up a few details but not enough to be of help in truly knowing if this was Lawrence Milton, the stock broker’s remains. Marcus, an observant man as observation was half of detective work, had watched the uniforms canvassing the area in an attempt to find anyone who had seen anything, and he’d watched one young cop go entirely out of his way to question a bum on a park bench across the street.

The last days of Point Lookout Hotel

He also writes of how to cook fried hard crabs and about banquets on Saturday nightAfter the hotel closed it sat abandoned for many years as the State of Maryland fought its typically inept strategy at purchasing the property from owners who generally despised certain state officials.

During that time period, it came to look like this, stripped of anything of value by thieves and beaten by the weather. The long journey to destruction finally was reached when the transaction transferring about sixteen acres and the hotel was completed and the site of the hotel is now where the parking lot is located for the fishing pier.

Book World: DEAD ON Chapter Eleven

  DEAD ON By Robert W. Walker   Chapter ELEVEN   Rydell’s dropping in on crime scenes was nothing new, so showing up at this particular one surprised no one…