THE COMMUTER CRIMINAL: Alan Josey charged in Glen Burnie Walgreen’s Holdup & Serial Fast Food Robberies in Prince George’s

  • During the robbery, a witness said one of the alleged miscreants acted as a lookout while the other robbed the cashier. 

TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY!  Robbers always head for Southern Maryland from DC & PG County…along with a few homegrown criminals. This 2002 toon appeared in ST. MARY’S TODAY and more than 200 toons are available in The Story of The Rag in Kindle, paperback and Audible. Now, an armed robber lives in Southern Maryland and commutes to PG County to conduct his craft of allegedly holding up stores. 

Alan Josey charged in Glen Burnie Walgreen’s Holdup & Serial Fast Food Robberies in Prince George’s

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Alan Michael Josey busted for serial robberies of fast food joints in Accokeek, District Heights, Lanham and Fort Washington;  and Walgreens in Glen Burnie

GLEN BURNIE, MD. – When an armed robber ends a long day of holding up stores around Maryland, having to wait in lines at checkout counters to take his turn at conducting an armed robbery, the drudgery is just beginning. In the case of alleged armed robber Alan Michael Josey, who Anne Arundel County Police say robbed the Walgreens located at 7953 Crain Highway in Glen Burnie on March 11, 2018, at about 4:20 pm, he had a long drive home in rush hour traffic.

Getting involved in rush hour in Maryland may have been what triggered Josey to get that itchy finger to rest on his gun, as PG Police say he robbed two fast food restaurants that same day. One in Lanham about 4:50 pm and one more at 5:25 pm on Marlboro Pike in District Heights.

During the robbery, a witness said one of the alleged miscreants acted as a lookout while the other robbed the cashier.  With the stress of being a “lookout” possibly causing a nervous breakdown, when the “lookout” is apprehended and jailed, with this being the People’s Republic of Maryland and all that, he will likely be granted a medical probation and provided taxpayer-paid-for mental health benefits for post-traumatic stress syndrome.

That’s a hard job for a thug, being a lookout.

Alan Josey photo from Facebook HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL

While other commuters on Crain Highway, which joins Rt. 301 in Bowie, Josey likely had to stop for gas and fill up his tank, using up some of the proceeds of what he stole from Walgreens. And then there was his co-robber, described by Anne Arundel Police as a black guy about six feet tall and wearing a black hat. “Black Hat” surely wanted part of the loot.

“Black Hat” has yet to be apprehended but Anne Arundel Detectives have tracked robber #1, described as a black guy about 25-30 years old, to his residence at 2454 Kipp Court, in Bryans Road, Maryland.

The address in Bryans Road belongs to Michelle Gibbs, who property records reveal owns the property that she bought in 2008 for $379,000.

Josey may be kicked out of the residence after his arrest but since he claims on his Facebook page that he is a resident of Hawaii, he may not care once he serves his prison term, if convicted. In any event, Gibbs, who is friends with Josey on Facebook, might be looking for a new roommate.


Josey poses in his workout photos posted on Facebook with one of his pals noting that he looks like he has been in jail.

When Anne Arundel Police tracked him to Charles County, Josey was jailed in the Charles County Jail, transferred on the CRIME BUS to Prince George’s County where active warrants for robbery, assault, gun charges and other nefarious conduct were outstanding for alleged crimes he committed in that part of Maryland on Feb. 22, 2018; and awaits extradition to the slammer in Anne Arundel County. A hearing is set for April 13, 2018.

Yep, Michelle Gibbs likely won’t post bail for this guy. 

Meanwhile, the cops are still looking for “Black Hat”; he should contact Anne Arundel Police and volunteer to be a state witness and he most assuredly would be granted immunity. Anne Arundel County Police Tip Line 410-222-4700 or Metro Crime Stoppers.

Alan Josey was busy in PG but lived in Charles County

Robbery Unit detectives identified and arrested a man wanted in a string of armed robberies at fast food restaurants throughout Prince George’s County.

PG police say that Josey was linked to four restaurant robberies over an 18-day period. Each time he was armed with a gun. No one was injured in the robberies. Josey has been arrested in connection with the following robberies:

*February 22nd at 9:00 pm – 15700 block of Livingston Road in Accokeek

*March 8th at 9:15 pm – 9500 block of Livingston Road in Fort Washington

*March 11th at 4:50 pm – 8900 block of Annapolis Road in Lanham

*March 11th at 5:25 pm – 5300 block of Marlboro Pike in District Heights

“This was a case of excellent police work.  The investigators were tenacious in following the trail of evidence piece by piece leading them to a successful identification and arrest.  Our business owners can rest assured that when these types of crimes occur in our community, our detectives work tirelessly to solve them and to find those responsible,” said Deputy Chief Samir Patel who is in charge of the PGPD Criminal Investigations Bureau. 


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