When will a Flash Mob decide to jump the White House fence? Were White House guards eating pizza?

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  • The men and women of the Secret Service are extremely disappointed and angry in how the events of March 10th transpired
Secret Service might have been eating pizza when an intruder was walking around White House grounds for 16 minutes on March 10, 2017,  as President Trump was inside.  This photo shows Vice President Mike Pence with K-9 Dogs and uniformed Secret Service Agents.  
Sean SpicerVerified account @PressSec 45m45 minutes ago

Individual jumped bike rack on Pennsylvania Ave, not fence. Great response by


(Washington, D.C.) The Secret Service is providing the following information regarding the investigation of an individual who gained access to the White House grounds on March 10, 2017.

President Donald J. Trump taking the Oath of Office Jan. 20, 2017

The Secret Service immediately initiated a comprehensive investigation into this matter. Although the investigation is ongoing, at this time we have conducted in excess of 50 interviews regarding this incident and have reviewed radio transmissions and video footage to conclude the following events transpired. At 11:21:38 pm an individual breached an outer perimeter fence near the Treasury complex, near East Executive Avenue.

This fence is approximately 5 feet in height. The individual proceeded within the secure perimeter and scaled an 8-foot vehicle gate. The individual then proceeded to climb over a 3 ½ foot fence near the SE corner of the East Wing of the White House grounds. Uniformed Division Officers attempted to ascertain the location and identity of the individual.

At 11:38:00 pm, the individual was taken into custody on the grounds without incident. The Secret Service can confirm that at no time did the individual gain entry into the White House. On background: The men and women of the Secret Service are extremely disappointed and angry in how the events of March 10th transpired. Immediate steps have been taken to mitigate lapses in security protocols even as the investigation continues. These steps include additional posts, technology enhancements, and response protocols.

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