Ocean City Police Beat: Hagerstown Thug Christian Gill’s Great Armed Robbery at OC ends in Slammer

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Christian Gill charged with armed robbery when thugs go to the beach

Ocean City Police Beat: Hagerstown Thug Christian Gill’s Great Armed Robbery at OC ends in Slammer

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Ocean City Police Beat(June 12, 2015) – You can take the hood out of the hood but when he goes to the beach it’s the same old criminal instincts working to obtain money, drugs and cell phones.

This latest story from THE NAKED COUNTRY is of a teenager from Hagerstown who decided to take free stuff that he wanted that belonged to others at the point of a gun. What he didn’t count on was for his victims to decide to beat his butt and call the cops.

Ocean City Police report that at around 2:20 pm they were called to a motel located at 27th Street and Baltimore Avenue for an armed robbery.

The Chesapeake Today June front pageOn June 10, 2015, at approximately 2:20 p.m. Ocean City police responded to the area of 27th Street and Baltimore Avenue for a reported armed robbery involving a handgun. Upon the arrival of officers, a group of individuals reported that they were the victims of an armed robbery inside a motel on 27th Street.

The fearless alleged armed robber turned tail and ran after being repelled by his victims who followed him to his lair.

When the cops showed up, the intended victims showed the path to his hideout at a hotel at 26th Street and Baltimore in Ocean City. The police then nabbed Christian Sayyid Gill, 16, of Hagerstown along with his gang of five fellow thugs. Police report that Gill does not have an address in Hagerstown.

“The primary suspect who had been in possession of the handgun was later identified as Christian S. Gill, 16, of Hagerstown, Md.,” said Ocean City Police.

 Police report that they obtained a search and seizure warrant which was later executed on the hotel room in which a pellet gun, clothes matching the description of the suspect, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were seized.

Apparently the victims had something other than money and cell phones that the Hagerstown Hoodlum wanted.

“The investigation later revealed that this incident was a drug related robbery,” said Ocean City Police.

Ocean City Police Officer Kevin Flower charged Gill as an adult. His charges include armed robbery, robbery, first degree assault and theft of less than $1,000. Gill was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and was initially transferred to the Worcester County Jail on $250,000 bond. After a bond review, he is now being held without bond. He will appear in Worcester County Court on June 22, 2015 as the next step to his future incarceration.

Instead of having fun at the beach, Gill is now having fun in a jail, which he could have done at home and saved the $6 toll for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


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