Parents of Ocean City murder suspect start publicity push to defend son in death of Pennsylvania man

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caleb ochse, christopher kendall
Caleb Edwin-Earl Ochse and Christopher Blake Kendall charged with murder of Penn. man in Ocean City, Md.

OCEAN CITY, MD. The parents of a suspect in the murder of a Pennsylvania man have taken an ad in an Ocean City newspaper promoting their view of the events of the night that their son is accused of murder, citing evidence that they feel shows instead of being a killer that he was a victim. The following is their press release and ad:

It has been over 45 days after the tragic events of August 24, and the State’s Attorney’s Office has failed to provide any information to the defense regarding the allegations made against Caleb Ochse.
Caleb’s attorneys have filed a discovery request, asking the State’s Attorney to provide them with witness names, statements, an autopsy report, and even videos. That initial request was followed by a letter to the State’s Attorney’s Office again requesting this information. To date, the defense has received nothing but the initial charging document, which was filled with inaccuracies.
MURDER USAThanks to the cooperation of local businesses, the parents previously obtained and released to the press a videotape from Fat Daddy’s restaurant which shows the alleged victim, Justin Cancelliere of Pennsylvania, and his three friends angrily pursing Caleb, his friend, and a woman out of Fat Daddy’s. Caleb’s attorneys have now obtained another videotape, from Plim Plaza Hotel, where the Pennsylvania men were staying. Police initially wrongly reported that the assault occurred in the Plim Plaza Hotel parking lot. Police also initially wrongly reported that Cancelliere had been shot or stabbed.
The parents have again released a copy of the Plim Plaza videotape to the media. The parents also intend to launch a website posting the two videotapes and other evidence they have obtained which calls into question the State’s Attorney’s allegations. The purpose of the website is also to ask witnesses to come forward with information about the Pennsylvania men.
The family believes that the delays by the State’s Attorney’s Office are intentionally designed to prejudice Caleb’s defense. Media reports have already indicated that at least two foreign nationals may have observed what transpired and, as we all know, many foreign nationals leave Ocean City in the fall never to return. We do not know, and the State has not disclosed, if those two foreign nationals include the Russian female who was on location for at least part of what occurred. We do not know, and the State has not disclosed, the identities of the people sitting near Cancelliere in Fat Daddy’s. We do not know, and the State has not disclosed, if there are any other videos from the night in question. We do not know, and the State has not disclosed, what, if any, statements were made by the foreign nationals, by the Russian female, and by Cancelliere’s friends. Most importantly, we do not know, and the State has not disclosed, the actual cause of death or of anything contained within the Medical Examiner’s report.
The parents anticipate that their son’s attorneys will be filing a motion with the Court to order the States Attorney to produce its evidence. They are anxious to obtain the evidence because they believe it will further prove that Caleb and his friend were acting to fend off an attack by the four larger men who were the aggressors that night. In addition, they hope to use the videotapes and the other evidence to ask the Court to reduce his bond.


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