Delaware Police Say Body of Man Found on Bear Trail Now Identified as Brenton A. Mauk

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Delaware State Police chopper in sky
Delaware State Police chopper in sky




BEAR, DEL. –-Delaware State Police Detectives continue their investigation into the discovery of a body on a walking trail near Rickey Boulevard Thursday morning, and have identified the victim as Brenton A. Mauk-19, of Bear, Delaware.

Brent Mauk Facebook profile photo
Brent Mauk Facebook profile photo

Preliminary investigation by the Delaware State Police and examination and autopsy conducted by the Division of Forensic Science revealed no apparent trauma and no evidence of foul play at this time. The cause and manner of death is still under investigation pending toxicology results.

State Police Detectives continue their investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Brent Mauk posted on his Facebook page that he attended Glasgow High School, was from Bear and was living in Newark.

The following was posted on the Facebook page of Brent Mauk nearly a year ago and details family, medical and other problems in his life.

“wow i can’t sit here and hear my dad and mom screaming like they wanna kill each other my dad is talking about him moving back to PA again damn ………he moves out again i kid not his ass is locked out cuz they can’t fight like this and be happy i know they need a break or something cuz what i saw tonight was something i regret doing nothing about when it happened but i can’t touch any one of my parents even if he’s a man because i love him more then my self he takes care of me and has delt with me ,trying to kill my self , overdosing , running away , getting locked up , getting arrested , getting expelled , he stood up for me in front of some piece of trash 16 year old kid trying to fight me cuz i wouldn’t let him rob me so he starts screaming at me and saying he is gunna shoot my dad if he didn’t go back inside and my dad didn’t know wether or not the kid……..THE “KID” no names was bluffing or he really had a gun thank god he didn’t because my dad told the kid “look im not going to argue but if you don’t get of my porch im going to have to call the police and I don’t want you coming back because the rules change once you enter my home so keep your threats to your self and what the hell is wrong with you my son has a gleoma on his brain stem you would kill him if you hit him hard enough do pills or money mean enough for you to kill someone and this ”kid” left and never came back just called and talked shit about me and tryied to get me to fight him probably so I would get arrested but after 3 weeks and blocking his number he got the point that im not going to take all his bull shit drama thinking I owed him something when I gave him more then he asked for but I didn’t have change for the bill he had so I just gave him more but he still thought and probably still thinks I owe him what ever point being my dad is my hero even if he is disabled and cant do what other dads can do he still trys and he has near terminal health issues and still trys to make me happy and is going to go to court on 12-4-13 and waiting for the verdict I might not be here if I get locked up aand something happens to him he already had another blood clot he cant survive another I love and respect him with my life.”

To the Editor:
I’m writing to express my anger and outrage at your extremely distasteful and disrespectful story on Brenton Mauk. I am a member of the family and we are all still grief stricken by our loss just over 48 hours ago! We loved Brenton and to see the article that your paper published and the callous attitude that you had by publishing the Facebook post just shows that you are on the level of a cheap tabloid newspaper. You had no reason to include what you included in the article. His parents loved him dearly and did what they could do for him right up to the end!! I only hope that if you ever had the painful misfortune of loosing a son or daughter that your grief is not added to by a cold and heartless tabloid writer!!

Gilbert Martinez

(Editor’s Note: Your family has our sincere condolences over the loss of Brent Mauk. The Facebook post that is re-published here was posted by him nearly one year ago. His words speak for themselves.)

Those facing similar problems can reach out to various sources for assistance. The following list provides many places for those needing help to turn:

Who is the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition?

In Delaware, someone dies by suicide about every four days.  More than 2.5 times as many deaths are attributable to suicide each year as to homicide, and among those aged 15-24, suicide is the third-leading cause of death.

The Suicide Prevention Coalition began efforts in 2004 and enlisted multiple state, private and nonprofit organizations to participate in the effort.

Our ultimate mission is to:

  • Raise awareness that suicide is a preventable public health problem
  • Enable the behavioral and social changes necessary to reduce suicidal ideation and attempts


DE Suicide Prevention Coalition MEMBERS

Chabereth Ministries, Inc.

Christiana Care Health System

ContactLifeline, Inc.

DE Child Death, Near Death, Stillbirth Commission

DE Department of Corrections

DE Department of Education

DE Department of Health and Social Services

  • Division of Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities
  • Delaware Crisis Intervention Services
  • Division of Public Health
  • Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

DE Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families

DE Department of Veterans Affairs

DE National Guard

DE River & Bay Authority

Delaware State University

MeadowWood Hospital

Mental Health Association in DE

Mid Atlantic Behavioral Health


Rockford Center

Steps for Steph

University of Delaware

Wilmington University, Community Counseling



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Available in audio edition, click to hear 4 min. sample. Also eBook and paperback

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