Notice to students: the Vice-Principal should not get packages of crap in the mail

Police BeatSNOW HILL, MD.  05/18/2014 — NO CRAP ! On April 30, 2014 a Vice Principal of a Worcester County High School notified a School Security Deputy to a package he received at the school through the United States Postal Service.  It was observed that the package contained fecal matter.
The Deputy alerted the Postal Service of the incident.  On May 2nd the Deputy was notified by a Postal Inspector that an additional two packages had been processed to be sent to the Vice Principal.  It was determined that both packages also contained fecal matter.
The Postal Inspector along with the Deputy identified a Juvenile student as the suspect.  On May 5th the juvenile was arrested. During a search of the juvenile’s vehicle, the Deputy also located a large quantity of alcohol. The Juvenile subsequently admitted to the sending of fecal matter.
The Juvenile has been charged with six counts of disturbing activities at school and possession of alcohol under the age of 21. The case has been referred to Juvenile services for adjudication.
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