Frederick: another druggie takes the fast-track to Euphoria with overdose of heroin; two pals busted on drug charges

Heroin Overdose Leads to Search Warrant, Charges, CR#14-027963

Heroin powder
Heroin powder

FREDERICK, MD. — In the continuing saga of self-induced death, another dimwit who decided to ignore all manner of admonitions to not use drugs and to really stay away from the deadly heroin sweeping the ash-bins of humanity to early graves, police in Frederick, Maryland report of a overdose “victim” being carted out on a stretcher. As of this report, the dead-head isn’t dead but is being treated at a hospital.
On 4/18/14 at about 2:23 AM, the Frederick Police Department responded to the 100 block of Norwick Ct for a report of a heroin overdose. Responding officers and EMS located an unresponsive subject in the residence. The overdose victim was taken to FMH for treatment.
While there, officers observed various items of suspected drug paraphernalia in plain view. They also detected the odor of marijuana in the residence. Three occupants of the residence were detained for further investigation.
The Drug Enforcement Unit responded and obtained a search and seizure warrant for the residence. The search revealed numerous items of paraphernalia, a quantity of suspected marijuana, a quantity of synthetic cannabinoid, and other substances pending testing and identification. Two of the three occupants were charged at the scene via criminal citation and released. No photos are available.
Charged: Scot Wilson, 07/03/1968, 100 block Norwick Ct 1. possession marijuana 2. possession paraphernalia 3. possession synthetic cannabinoid
Charged: Stephanie Maria Wilson, 11/17/1992, 100 block Norwick Ct 1. possession marijuana 2. possession paraphernalia

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Available in eBook, paperback and audiobook
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