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Jailers sometimes have a really crappy job but at least they have a pot to piss in
LEONARDTOWN — One of the really dedicated members of the local druggie community decided that he wasn’t going to let being in jail keep him from selling drugs or perhaps, treating himself to some Oxy.
St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Sgt. Cara Grumbles reports that on September 30, 2013, suspect Orbin Hans Carter, 28, of Lexington Park turned himself into the St. Mary’s County Detention Center after violating conditions of work release. Detention center staff placed Carter on contraband watch.
After having a bowel movement, a quantity of round blue pills were recovered wrapped in plastic.
The pills were consistent with Oxycodone. Carter was charged with Possession Controlled Dangerous Substance – Not Marijuana and Possession Contraband Place of Confinement by Deputy First Class Boyer of the Patrol Division.

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