Gruesome slashing by parent at kid’s football game results in arrest and fly-out to trauma unit

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LEXINGTON PARK — Short of bringing sabers and shotguns to youth football to be able to use on other adults when fights break out, one father found a great way to get the edge on the mother of one player was to bust her glasses and then use a broken lens to slice and dice her face, according to police.
On September 26, 2013, at 7:55pm members of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Special Operations Division Lexington Park COPs UNIT responded to a large fight in progress at Lancaster Park located in Lexington Park, while football games were being played on the field.
Two juveniles began fighting each other which led to the parents of the juveniles fighting each other. One parent, identified as suspect Joseph Jeremih Kelly, 46, of Park Hall, held the mother (victim) of the other juvenile on the ground while his wife, identified as suspect Nakita Laquette Williams, 36, of Park Hall repeatedly struck the victim in the face with her fist. Williams then picked up a piece of glass from the victim’s broken eye glasses and cut the victim’s face above her eye. The assault ended when family members and bystanders pulled them apart. The victim was transported by ambulance to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital for the cut to her face.

After further investigation, suspect Joseph Kelly was found to be in possession of and consuming alcoholic beverages while at the park. He was charged on the scene with the alcohol violation. Kelly will also be charged with 2nd Degree Assault by application.

Both juveniles, who engaged in the original fight, were placed under arrest and processed by Corporal Ray and Deputy Krum of the Lexington Park COPs UNIT. They were each charged with 2nd Degree Assault and released to the custody of a parent or relative.

Suspect Williams was placed under arrest and transported to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital for a laceration on her finger. She was then charged with 1st and 2nd Degree Assault, Affray – Common Law, and Malicious Destruction of Property: Less Than $500 and incarcerated at the St. Mary’s County Detention Center by Deputy First Class Tim Snyder of the Lexington Park COPs UNIT.

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