Did Charles Lollar pay himself a salary out of campaign donations in 2010?

Charles Lollar / The Chesapeake photo
From RedMarylandblog
Of most interesting note on the above spreadsheet are the following, which imply that Lollar was being paid a salary by the Lollar for Congress Committee:
•July 14, 2010: $500
•July 20, 2010: $1,000
•August 2, 2010: $500
•August 11, 2010: $2,000
•September 13, 2010: $8,000
•October 4, 2010: $11,000
•November 2, 2010: $12,000
•December 1, 2010: $12,000

This means that according to FEC records Charles Lollar received $47,000 in what was labeled as salary from his Congressional campaign account during the months before and immediately after his 2010 Congressional campaign.
It’s important to note that what Lollar did in receiving a salary to run for Congress is by no means illegal, and has been done a number of times over the years, by such candidates including Alan Keyes and Joe the Plumber. While the practice of paying one’s self a salary to run for office illegal, it is certainly frowned upon and was not necessarily the intent of those donors who were contributing to Lollar’s run against Hoyer.

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