BADDAZZ was a dumbazz

On newsstands everywhere in Southern Maryland
WALDORF — WITNESS HELPS OFFICERS LOCATE BANK ROBBERY SUSPECT: According to the Charles County Sheriff’s Department, on Aug. 30 at 10:30 a.m., a man on a motorcycle pulled into the parking lot of the Capitol One Bank at the Waldorf Market Place and, wearing his helmet, walked inside. He approached an employee, showed a knife and demanded money. The employee complied and the suspect told her to walk by his side as he left the bank. At the same time, a witness – who was in the parking lot – observed the suspect enter the bank. The witness reported he thought something was suspicious when the man didn’t remove his helmet so he continued watching. When the man walked out of the bank with his helmet still on and a panicked employee was by his side, the witness realized the bank was probably just robbed. The suspect suddenly ran to his motorcycle – a red Honda with paper tags bearing the word BADDAZZ and fled the scene. The witness got in his truck and began following the suspect. He called the bank to verify a robbery had just occurred and learned the bank employees were on the phone with police. The witness relayed his locations to the bank employees who then told offices where the suspect was. Officers quickly mobilized and set up a perimeter in a neighborhood where the suspect had fled. The suspect, who was driving at a high rate of speed, lost control of his motorcycle near St. Stephens Drive and Bison Drive and crashed. He was apprehended without further incident. Officers canvassed the area and recovered the money bag and the knife the suspect was carrying. The suspect, 45, will be charged with robbery.
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