A new Apple deal on phones?

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Apple will be expanding its iPhone trade-in program nationwide starting today, according to a report from CNBC’s Jon Fortt which we’ve confirmed with our sources. The program allows customers to walk into physical retail stores and exchange an older model device for credit towards a new one. The program has already been piloted at a number of select locations over the past few weeks, TechCrunch reported previously.

The program works by giving iPhone owners a chance to trade in non-water damaged devices in good working order, for between $120 and $250 or so depending on the condition of the device, what model it is and other factors. As part of the stipulations of the trade-in, customers have to walk out with a new contract as well as a new device. It only applies to customers shopping for a new iPhone, so you can’ t just trade an older model in for store credit or towards a different purchase, according to our original sources.

Apple’s intentions for building its own in-store trade-in program

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