Getting ready for spring warms the winter

There is one redeeming fact about the month of February. It is a short month.
Hopefully, this edition of the CHESAPEAKE will warm your heart as we anticipate the return of Spring and the waterborne adventures that await in our watershed backyard.
For those of us with free time and a few dollars, affordable cruises to southern destinations are a great way to escape the cold damp weather. I hope you will enjoy the story about the CHESAPEAKE staff Caribbean cruise with the island and undersea exploration that followed.
Most of us on a limited budget can learn from the hunting tips passed on by Rich Johnson how to get fresh lean wild game meat for the dinner table. Sure beats road kill!
Ghost writer Fred McCoy has returned from the grave to share his timeless memories of living on the Maryland shore.
Rich Pelz is documenting the Annapolitan collective insanity over oyster legislation. Meanwhile, the third sequel of “Beneath the Surface” exposes the shenanigans that Leonardtown politicians have become noted for as the will of the people continues to be circumvented on the St. Mary’s County peninsula.
Our loyal advertisers continue to provide the best goods and services in Southern Maryland. Please tell them where you got their number.
Mike Hicks, owner of the Leonardtown Grille, has volunteered to provide a special escape for you on the final Sunday of each month.
On Feb. 27, from 4-8 P.M., Mike will host for your listening enjoyment the original Mudcat Trio playing old time bluesy rock n’ roll with a little bit of soul in a country frame of mind. Through the course of the evening, other musician/singers are welcome to join in the jam session. Good food, good friends, and good music will make one great escape for musicians and listeners alike.
While you’re there, you can pick up next month’s copy of the CHESAPEAKE.
Larry Jarboe


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