Eastern Shore Police Beat: Hell no, copper, I ain’t gonna go to jail!

Police say that instead of submitting, he became hostile and attempted to walk away from the deputy which caused the deputy to take steps to prevent him from leaving. Santos-Villalta then initiated a physical confrontation with the deputy and fought the deputy’s efforts to take him into custody.

At one point, the suspect placed both hands around the deputy’s throat in an attempt to choke the deputy. The deputy became engaged with a serious struggle to gain the control of Santos that was not completed until additional law enforcement officers arrived.

Thugs pistol whipped old man in home invasion; Davonete Rodney Beckette led gang and robbed his neighbors

EDEN, MD. (Oct. 12, 2014) —Wicomico Sheriff’s Deputies and Maryland State Police arrested three men on Oct. 8th and charged them with the home invasion and pistol whipping of an old man last week. The armed invasion and robbery took place around the corner from the ringleader’s home.

Davonete Rodney Beckette, 19, of 26134 Walnut Tree Road in Eden Md. was charged with 19 counts including property destruction, assault, armed robbery, theft, robbery, possession of a handgun and other charges. Beckette doesn’t have any other crimes on his record as an adult and any such criminal record he amassed as a juvenile is sealed.

Armed robber held up Hebron Savings Bank in Sharptown

SHARPTOWN, MD. (Sept. 21, 2014) — Maryland State Police and Wicomico County Sheriff’s detectives report that they are seeking assistance from the public in identifying the below photographed suspect and suspect vehicle. Information is being sought in connection with a bank robbery which occurred in Sharptown, MD on Thursday, September 18, 2014.