Maryland State Police Beat / Another day and another bad guy barricades himself in Somers Cove; convicted drug dealer Richard Sterling Sr. faces kidnapping, robbery and stabbing charges

Instead of dropping him in his tracks with real bullets, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team was on scene and deployed less lethal tactics which caused Sterling to comply with orders and drop the knife.

Maryland State Police Beat / Drunk gunman rode in on tractor and napped while cops were held at bay; so far, he hasn’t murdered his wife – but give him another chance

A domestic violence petition was filed against Gregory on Sept. 13, 2014, and it expired on Sept. 19, 2014. The court dismissed the order for Gregory to stay out of his residence and away from his wife when she failed to appear for the final hearing on Sept. 23, 2014.

Maryland State Police Beat: Half Million in Heroin Seized; Cops Jail Two on Drug Charges; Pit Bull’s Last Leap

The pit bull aggressively charged at the trooper as he came around a fence. Unable to get out of the way and in fear for his safety, the trooper fired one round from his issued duty pistol and struck the dog, killing him. No police or civilians were struck by the gunfire.

Murder USA: Medical examiner says death of Mary Bonniwell is homicide; cops say caregiver Becky Long responsible for injuries

A caregiver has been charged with murder following the autopsy of the woman for whom she was caring for and living with in a home located at 202 Morris Street in Fruitland, Md. The results of the autopsy was that the death was a homicide due to injuries. Ironically, the woman charged with the murder attempted to charge the woman’s son with harassment and being a peeping tom. Those charges were dropped.