Southern Md. Police Beat: The Three Stooges of Coke & Pot – DUI arrests, and not dead yet from heroin

The driver, Sean J. Pope, 32 of St. Leonard, appeared to be extremely nervous when TFC Palumbo approached the vehicle. A K-9 scan of the vehicle yielded a positive alert. A probable cause search revealed both Heroin and Oxycodone.

Southern Md. Police Beat: career criminals caught robbing Walmart get a little help from pliable prosecutors

ST. LEONARD, MD. After a long day of Christmas shoplifting in Prince Frederick, the weary but determined members of Maryland’s criminal class continued on their merry way to spread joy to their loved ones with stolen gifts, when what to their wondering eyes should appear but a Maryland State Trooper with a Cruiser-Sleigh powered by 350 Deer-power! He whipped out his cuffs and went straight to his work and then he cast off his hat and turned to the jerks: “You are off to the slammer where you’ll be given a cot and on top of that, you’ll get three hots!”