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Stafford Sheriff Police Beat: Alleged Road Rage Maniacs Beat Victim in Face; Threatened with Guns in Midnight Melee on Rt. 1

The roads of Virginia are alive with armed ghetto thugs, hillbillies, and rednecks on a rampage. Then there are the illegal alien drivers without insurance or that don’t really give a hoot about what or whom they run into because they just aren’t going to stop to give aid or exchange information about insurance they don’t have. 

Northern Virginia Police Beat: Stafford deputies discovered meth labs when probing shooting

STAFFORD, VA. — An apparent falling out between men participating in an alleged criminal enterprise resulted in a shooting in October. A police investigation into those involved in the shooting led to search warrant raids and the discovery of meth labs.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Joshua Wallace, 39, currently incarcerated at the Rappahannock Regional Jail, Bradford Burchett, 37 of 943 Ficklin Drive, Stafford and Mariah Harrington, 44, of 943 Ficklin Drive, Stafford.