MURDER USA: Gregg Thomas Found Guilty of Attempted First Degree Murder of Sgt. Keith McNeill; Faces 25 Years to Life in Prison

Convicted of second-degree murder on Sept. 14, 2004, when he entered a guilty plea in Baltimore City Circuit Court in a deal with Baltimore City States Attorney Patricia Bessamy, Thomas was sentenced to 30 years in prison with 15 years suspended.

Murder USA: Friday the 13th unlucky for accused killer of drug dealer Irvonte Jones; Shaquille Gaskins was hiding out in jail!

Jones had prior instances of drug convictions, with a guilty plea to possession in a plea deal that dropped distribution charges on Nov. 19, 2012, resulting in his four-year stretch in prison. Had Jones actually been kept in jail, he would have been still there and not available to his killer on the outside

Murder USA: Baltimore’s body count grows while city population may free-fall due to exodus of taxpayers

Mary Ferguson. “I live in Baltimore. Buying my home in Baltimore City. Still owe a mortgage. I’m planning on leaving. My son lives in Georgia. I have five more years before I retire. There are still good people here. I love this city, but can’t stay here. During all the rioting, I was staying with my daughter in Columbia but I work in the city. I myself had a close call with rioters while I was sitting at a red light. Shame that decent people can’t live in peace.”