Two illegal aliens regarded 12-Year-Old Girl as ‘Fresh Meat’; charged with rape

Federal immigration agents have filed jail detainers on Carbajal and Tome, a jail official said Friday. Such detainers indicate that immigration officials believe they have grounds to deport someone.”

Ocean City Police Beat / Where do Future Criminals of America, while packing heat, go for Spring Break to get away from the cops back home? Why, Ocean City, of course!

Ocean City Police reports that one Montgomery County teenager found too much heat back in his hometown and decided it was time to beat feet. Police say he and his gang were captured as they cruised up Coastal Highway in their hot wheels.

Murder USA: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the best Party-Killer of all? Donta Pope just wants another shot at the prize

Investigation revealed that Pope, the two victims, and several other acquaintances were socializing in the rear yard of a home on University Boulevard East when an argument began. Pope was asked to leave. Pope then removed a handgun from his waistband and shot several times, striking the two victims. He then fled from the home

Murder USA: Middle of the Night Fiery Murder of Child Laid to Mom; Parents Were in Bitter Divorce Fight

Over the next few hours the investigators determined that the fire did not start outside of the passenger compartment, but instead started in the front-seat area. During the investigation, the investigators ruled out any mechanical malfunction, including the fuel lines and fuel tank. Fire Marshal Investigators detected a strong odor, similar to gasoline, in and around the white 1993 Toyota Corolla. Fire Marshall’s determined that the fire originated in the passenger compartment of the white Toyota and believe that the fire was intentionally started using an accelerant. Due to these suspicious circumstances, the Montgomery County Police Major Crimes Division began to lead the investigation.

Montgomery County Police Beat: cops finally produce significant charges against Idrissa Turay’s hell-hole nuisance in Aspen Hill

Plain clothes officers have also observed drug transactions by residents of that home in the community and have arrested those residents for those offenses. Search warrants executed at that home during drug-related investigations have revealed evidence of the crime of drug distribution. This evidence has included drugs, drug paraphernalia, and a handgun

Murder USA: “I kill Demons” – was killer’s statement to cops after slaying of Connery Dagadu

Major Crimes detectives responded to the scene and determined that Zinneh had been dropped off at the residence on the night of March 10. Dagadu, a pastor, was asked to “pray over” Zinneh and help him with his “voices.” On the morning of March 11, the homeowner heard commotion from the basement and went downstairs. The homeowner observed Dagadu sitting on the basement floor; he appeared unresponsive. She then called 9-1-1.

Montgomery County Police Beat: Melvin “Felix-the-Cat-Burglar” Calix charged with assault in home invasion and burglary spree

Melvin “Felix the Cat Burglar” Calix busted for burglary

WHEATON, MD. — Melvin “Felix the Cat Burglar” Calix, who cops say is a cat burglar who on one occasion assaulted a resident of a home, has now been rounded up and given a scratching post in a jail cell. Melvin is lucky he was in a county full of liberals who don’t believe in having guns. Had he ventured away from Montgomery County by a few miles the police would have been called to remove his lame carcass after having expired of lead poisoning.

Robber slashed woman who refused to hand over her money

The investigation revealed that the adult female victim was walking in the area of the apartment complex when she was approached by the suspect, who demanded money. When she refused, the suspect knocked her to the ground and attacked her with a knife. A passing citizen observed the attack and called police. The suspect fled on foot towards the apartment complex. Arriving officers rendered first aid to the victim, who was gravely injured, but who is now stabilized and expected to survive.

Pierre purloining plunder from five banks ends with free room and board in federal prison

Specifically, Washington robbed: the Capital One Bank in the 11000 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland, on May 22nd, stealing $3,109; the TD Bank in the 700 block of Crane Highway in Glen Burnie Maryland on June 27th, stealing $1,694; the Capital One Bank in the 21000 block of Frederick Road in Germantown, Maryland, on July 24th, stealing $5,700; the Bank of Glen Burnie in the 1200 block of Generals Highway in Crownsville, Maryland, on September 17th, stealing $2,298; and the SunTrust Bank in the 4600 block of Old Branch Avenue in Temple Hills, Maryland, on September 26th, stealing $430.

Bomb Thweatt earned cash from 3 banks

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police –Major Crimes Division have arrested and charged Morris Kenneth Thweatt, age 46, of the 7600 block of Maple Avenue in Takoma Park, for the robberies of three banks in Silver Spring.

Investigation by Montgomery County Police – Major Crimes detectives revealed that during these bank robberies, the male suspect, later identified as Thweatt, would enter the bank and pass a note to the teller stating that he had a bomb. Thweatt would then display a device wrapped in foil, claiming it was a bomb.