COURT NEWS: What is in the water at the Charles County Courthouse? now Judge Lou Hennessey faces serious charges involving a defendant in jail for domestic abuse

COURT NEWS: Another Charles County Judge Faces Removal: Judge Lou Hennessey says he just has a big heart; charged with advising domestic abuser in repeated jailhouse phone calls What in the world is in the water at the Charles County Courthouse? LAPLATA, MD. – Since 1996, three Charles County Judges have faced removal and either […]

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In Cold Blood

SALISBURY, MD. — The violent invasion of the home of Donald G. “Donnie” Mariner on April 16,, 2014 by one or more suspects ended with the death of Mariner and the brutal beating of another resident of the home. Now an arrest has been made in that murder.

The Maryland State Police have released sketchy details about the day of the murder but to date have yet to identify the other victim, fearing for that man’s safety.

What takes a man who has done time for armed robbery, theft and assault to the point of moving from robbery to murder?

What evil lurks in the heart of man is an age-old question.

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