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Hobos & Hooker Patrol: Cops note arrests for boozing in the Park

The following incidents are reported by St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron and his COPs UNIT

ARRESTS 7-30-14

ALCOHOL VIOLATION – On July 25, 2014, Deputy Krum assigned to the Lexington Park COPs UNIT, observed suspects Francine Mae Morgan, 55, of Lexington Park, and James Calvin Morgan, 49, of Lexington Park, in the area of South Shangri La Drive in Lexington Park, consuming alcoholic beverages. Both were charged with the violation by criminal citation.

Man running from fleet-footed flatfoot tried to duke it out

LEXINGTON PARK (Sept. 16, 2013) — St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Lt Eric Sweeny reports that on Sunday, deputies were involved in a foot pursuit in the area of Sheriff Miedzinski Way…

Fifty Shades of Cocaine

LEXINGTON PARK (September 7, 2013) — Beating feet when pulled over by a cop is not a good move when you are a chubby alleged drug dealer and the flatfoot…