Would a KKK-Mama lie to a Federal Grand Jury? Was a flaming cross set to scare blacks made of hickory?

“Ms. Morris lied to the grand jury in an attempt to protect herself and to protect a cross burner,” said U.S. Attorney George L. Beck Jr. for the Middle District of Alabama. “When someone testifies in court they swear to tell the truth. Unfortunately, Ms. Morris lied. For our system of justice to protect the rights of all, those who testify before the grand jury must provide accurate and honest information. If someone fails to tell the truth while under oath, we will prosecute them.”

Will KKK leader get to meet any nice black guys in prison?

When questioned by local investigators, Dinkle falsely denied his involvement in the incident and said that he had resigned his office and withdrawn from the KKK months before the cross burning. When approached by the FBI, Dinkle again lied and told a special agent that he had been at home with his girlfriend when the cross burning occurred. He further claimed that he did not know a person who was, in fact, one of his superiors in the KKK at the time of the cross burning.