Little Spelman of Cherry Hill, who killed competing drug dealer from ‘Up Da Hill’ gets sent to ‘Da Big House’ for 35 years

“Many of the shootings and murders in Baltimore City result from disputes between rival drug gangs,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Thanks to a lengthy and intensive investigation, we will hold accountable the criminals who turned Cherry Hill into a war zone.”

According to his plea agreement, from at least 2003 to 2013, Davon Martin was a member of a group known as “Little Spelman” in the “down the hill” area of Cherry Hill. This group committed acts of robbery, homicides, non-fatal shootings and drug distribution, to include crack cocaine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana. From 2009 to 2011, Martin and Dewayne Jones, another member of Little Spelman, operated a crack cocaine distribution “shop” out of an apartment located on Round Road. Martin and others sold at least two kilograms of crack cocaine from the apartment on Round Road. On at least one occasion, while in possession of a firearm, Martin robbed an individual who had sold him some bad cocaine. Martin admitted he has also committed other robberies related to his drug distribution.

Martin admitted that on January 20, 2011, he shot and killed Rhidell Price, a member of a rival group operating in Cherry Hill known as “Up Da Hill,” in the rear of 2900 Denham Circle. After receiving a call that Price was in the area, Jones drove Martin to Denham Circle where Rhidell Price was getting out of a vehicle parked on the street. Martin got out of the vehicle and began shooting at Price, chasing after Price and ultimately killing him. Martin killed Price in retaliation for Martin and Jones being shot at by Up Da Hill members a few days earlier. Dewayne Jones was subsequently shot and killed on August 28, 2011.