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Worcester Sheriff Police Beat / Hare will dwell like a turtle in slammer for bank heist

Hare admitted that after robbing the tellers in the lobby, Hare found a bank employee who had locked herself in a back room of the bank. Hare forced open the locked door and demanded her car keys and her purse. The employee gave Hare her purse, which contained cash and personal effects, and the keys to her car, a 2007 Kia Spectra, which was parked in the bank’s parking lot.

Murder USA: killers caught after murdering Cpl. Ted Wolf twenty-five years ago

Lt. Bolger said. “Cpl. Wolf was supposed to be off the night he was killed. He said he had to come in for duty because that was the first night the new trooper he had just trained would be patrolling on his own. You don’t often see that type of connection, dedication, and devotion.”