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DWI HIT PARADE: Boozing driver Michael Laciny slumbered his way to the slammer with 4 guns and drugs

As Trooper Evans approached the driver’s side window, an unyielding odor of alcohol was detected. Further investigation led troopers to the arrest of Laciny for suspected impaired driving. A further search of the vehicle revealed four loaded handguns almost 800 prescription pills.

Annapolis Police Beat: The skinny on Shin’s Pot Business – It’s a Bust!

ANNAPOLIS, MD. – Who is moving big amounts of dope around Annapolis, selling at the mall, meeting the parking lots of the shopping centers in broad daylight with customers arranged over cell phone calls and through text messages? Somebody has to do it to keep all the pot heads happy.

Annapolis Police report that one of their officers put a small dent in the business of one suspected drug dealer.