Bank Robbers Shouldn’t Litter or They Might Do Real Time

ANNAPOLIS, MD. — What causes a convicted child molester to suddenly step up the advancement of his criminal career by robbing eight banks over the course of a few weeks?

With all the bank robberies in the region, how does the FBI crack a case?

Court documents reveal facts which will likely put one accused Maryland bank robber behind bars for much of his life and answer at least the second question.

Tony Derrell Bunch, 32, who was charged with eight bank robberies in April, had been arrested on three counts of armed robbery in Anne Arundel County on April 10, 2014 prior to being charged in a federal warrant issued by the FBI.

Baltimore: bank robberies by Bunch; FBI offers reward

Anne Arundel County and the Baltimore FBI Violent Crimes Task Force have charged Tony Derrell Bunch (date of birth: August 1, 1982) with robbery at the Bay Bank branch at 2637 Annapolis Road in Hanover, Maryland. Investigators say Bunch is responsible for seven other robberies in the region listed below. They are offering a reward of up to $3,000 for information leading to Bunch’s arrest.