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Murder USA: Pop goes the weasel juvie into reform school after Baltimore Cops grabbed 15-year-old with gun

The 15-year-old was transported to the Juvenile Booking and Intake Facility (a 21st Century version of Reform School where punks with guns are unfortunately not beaten within an inch of their lives)

Baltimore City Police Beat / Indictments announced; MURDER USA Midnight beef turned to homicide

(Editor’s Note: From beef to slaying took but seconds as Baltimore’s murder rate soared over 150 with June just heating up in the race to catch up with Chicago’s murder rate. Why is Washington, D.C.’s murder rate dropping while Baltimore’s homicide levels are record setting? Part of the answer has to be the way the city’s pandering politicians have thrown the people of Baltimore under the bus following the Freddie Gray death in 2015 as they trashed the police and encouraged thugs to run wild.