MURDER USA: Travis Lee Wallace wondered who was tapping at his chamber door; not the Raven, nevermore

which will likely result in some lame-brain Baltimore City District Court Judge allowing him to be put back out into the community where he will fit right in with thieves, killers and rapists so he can continue to prey on the innocent citizens of Baltimore.

Murder USA Kyle Shurtleff charged with loading up his girlfriends ride with extra lead; he missed her and killed the car

He then got into a nearby silver Nissan Xterra and used the vehicle to block her in the driveway and reportedly exited the car and stood in front of the victim’s car and continued to fire multiple shots.

MURDER USA: PG cops nail ex-con Demetrice Littles for robbery and attempted murder of ice cream truck driver

Littles was taken into custody when visiting his parole officer and charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and numerous counts of assault and armed robbery on July 29, 2016.

Murder USA: U of Md-Eastern Shore Students Charged in Attempted First-Degree Murder

Some folks just haven’t heard that ‘black lives matter’ and instead, two men in Princess Anne now sit in the clink on charges that they tried to make ‘other’s lives splatter’ with gunfire. When college students decide to become criminals, they ought to bone up a little bit on standard crime spree stuff.

Murder USA: Hobo Song Su Kim was tired of being ‘disrespected’; after finishing his free meal at Church he divvied out death for desert

URBANA, MD. — All wasn’t pure joy in the church on the mountain, reports the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. A freeloading bum who was living at a church, eating for free and generally living the life of mooch turned on the folks who were feeding him and stabbed one to death and seriously injured the victim’s wife.

Murder USA: Tony Elliott Jr. and teen charged as killer-wanna-be thugs as drugs continue to rack Eastern Shore

Witnesses at the scene, along with statements from the victim identified the suspects. Both suspects were located at their respective residences in Caroline County and taken into custody without incident by the Maryland State Police Apprehension Team. Sheriff deputies from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the investigation.

Update: Two Suspects Charged in Wheaton ‘Little r’ gang Shooting; Cops say 13-year-old gangster was shooter

WHEATON, MD. — 08/03/2014 — Montgomery County Police report that Detectives have arrested a 13-year-old and 19-year-old for the shooting of an 18-year-old female that occurred Thursday morning in Wheaton. Both suspects were located Friday afternoon and taken into custody by officers.

Investigators believe that both suspects are associated with the “Little r” gang. Police believe that gang members thought the victim was divulging information about gang activity to police, and the two suspects conspired to shoot the victim as an act of retaliation.