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Metro Area Police Beat: Bozo Brothers & Sis sentenced to slammer for bank robbery; they dropped the loot on the way out the door!

Four bozos made robbery a family affair; dropped the loot on the way out

Crimes Took Place within 36-Hour Period in May 2014

WASHINGTON— A family of four from the crime-infested District of Columbia found robbery kept their family ties strong and profitable.

According to the FBI, the four, three brothers and their criminal sis, are now going to do time in a federal prison together, as a result of their crime spree.

Three brothers and their sister, all from Washington, D.C., were sentenced on Jan. 6, 2015 to prison terms for a pair of robberies that took place within a thirty-six-hour period of a convenience store in Montgomery County, Md., and a bank in the District of Columbia.