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Pit bull attack on trooper ended when .40 caliber pistol was deployed; wounded dog fled scene

When the trooper arrived a non-responsive male was lying in the back door of the house. As the trooper entered the residence, a large pit bull began to charge. As the dog attempted to bite, the trooper struck the animal with her baton. The dog retreated outside of the residence. The trooper was unable to close the door because of the position of the unconscious subject.

Moments later, the pit bull attack a second time grabbing the baton, pulling it from the trooper’s hand. The dog dropped the baton and lunged at the trooper biting her on the right foot. In fear for her safety, the trooper fired her State Police issued .40 caliber pistol, wounding the dog and ending the threat. The dog fled the scene.

Troopers fire on and kill mad pit bull after attack on woman; second in three days

According to the Maryland State Police a large pit bull that had reportedly chased a woman into her home was fatally wounded by a responding state trooper after it charged the trooper this afternoon in Cecil County.

At about 2:30 p.m. today, two troopers from the North East Barrack responded to the unit-block of Plum Shore Road, North East, Md., for the report of an aggressive dog on the loose. When troopers arrived, the complainant told them she was trying to get to her car from her home when the dog charged at her growling and barking. The woman fled to the safety of her home before the dog reached her. The dog was known in the neighborhood and troopers were shown the house where it belonged.