Vote for Donald Trump….and you DID!

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  • George Washington argued against political parties and urged the country to be united as Americans.


Editorial Opinion: Vote for Donald Trump

In response to the bank bailouts and the incredible passage of Obamacare by Democrats who never read the bill, knew the actual cost nor cared about the consequences, citizens (not illegal aliens) from all over America did just what the Constitution guarantees; they showed up at a massive rally to redress their grievances.

What happened?

The mainstream media, now we know that is actually an arm of the Democratic Party, maligned the citizens who protested as racist because they dared to criticize the nation’s first black president. Now that we know the Democratic Party has hired thugs to cause fights at Trump rallies in the 2016 election, it’s a pretty safe bet that Democrats hired thugs to carry signs with racist slogans at the Tea Party rally.

When far-left anarchists occupied Wall Street and cities across the nation, journalists joined their tent cities to be able to write about their “valiant and brave protests” from the standpoint of those who were hanging out in parks, creating million dollar messes and doing the bidding of the Democratic Party.

Just compare the way the media praised Occupy protestors to the way they castigated the Tea Party protestors.

American media has discarded all semblance of impartiality and no longer performs the important role of being the guardian of the little guy by holding the powerful and those who hold power accountable for their operations of government.

When Obama lost a majority in the Congress he has ruled by fiat since, issuing one executive order after another. Democrats distract the electorate with fake issues and will do anything to hold power and consolidate their love affair with the elite, the silly Hollywood celebrities and the liberals of America’s Ivory Towers.

The Republican Party got just what it deserved from the voters in the primary season after they capitulated to Obama since the 2010 election changeover in Congress. Just as the Whig Party folded, the GOP is on the glide path to oblivion and good riddance to the Country-Club Republicans.

George Washington argued against political parties and urged the country to be united as Americans.

The Democratic Party has become a cesspool of crony corruption and far-left Marxist dogma populated by the arrogant and the borderline insane.

Trump may not be anyone’s dream candidate but he is a helluva lot better than Crooked Hillary. God Bless America.




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