Carlton M. Stephenson III DUI extravaganza included high speeds and crash into condo’s power box

Carlton Stephenson III arrested by Ocean City Md. Police.
Carlton Stephenson III arrested by Ocean City Md. Police.


(August 21, 2014) – On August 21, 2014, at approximately 3:10 a.m. Ocean City police were on marked patrol in the area of Coastal Highway and 65th Street when officers observed a vehicle traveling eastbound through a nearby parking lot and on to southbound Coastal Highway, nearly causing a collision with oncoming traffic.

While traveling southbound, officers observed the vehicle fail to stay in a single lane and continue southbound at a high rate of speed. Officers then activated emergency lights and siren as the vehicle failed to stop at a red light on 49th Street, turned west on to 49th Street and entered a nearby parking lot. The vehicle then exited the parking lot, traveled south on Coastal Highway and made a U-turn at 48th street all while failing to yield for right-of-way traffic.

Stationary Traffic Safety Unit officers recorded the vehicle to be traveling at a steady speed of 98 mph in the area of 65th Street. Shortly after, the vehicle failed to control its speed and collided with a condominium building in the area of Coastal Highway and 72nd Street. The vehicle crashed into and destroyed electrical meters and an electrical box causing electrical fluid to saturate northbound Coastal Highway.

The collision caused northbound traffic to be rerouted to a single southbound lane for more than four hours as Ocean City Public Works and electrical crews worked to clean up the fluid spill and restore power to the building.

The driver, Carlton M. Stephenson III, 21, of Jessup, MD, was arrested on scene with no injuries. Ocean City police have charged Stephenson with driving under the influence and a multitude of traffic violations. He is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building awaiting an initial appearance before a Maryland District Court Commissioner.

Stephenson’s lead foot cost him a pretty penny one night in Talbot County

On July 18, 2012, Stephenson was found guilty of doing 85 mph in a 55 mph zone and fined $290. The incident took place on Rt. 50 eastbound at Skipton Landing Road while he was piloting a 2008 Yamaha. He had been stopped and ticketed by Talbot County Md. Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Mitchell on May 29, 2012 at 1:35 am.

Money seized as contraband at the time of the arrest was ordered returned on Oct. 17, 2012.

Evidently, the first ticket on the night of May 29th didn’t slow Stephenson down too much as at 1:51 am he showed that he had a lead foot once again in the Town of Easton where Officer Howard Maxwell stopped him and awarded him a ticket at the location of Rt. 50 eastbound at Lomax Street for driving his vehicle at 77 mph in a 35 mph zone, which is about double the speed limit. He was found guilty on July 23, 2012 and fined $497 which would have paid for a night in a top beachfront hotel. Stephenson was also fined $70 for having expired tags on his vehicle.

In Baltimore City  District Court, Stephenson received a probation before judgment for possession of drugs on May 23, 2012.


Available in audio edition, click to hear 4 min. sample. Also eBook and paperback
Available in audio edition, click to hear 4 min. sample. Also eBook and paperback
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