Spring Gobbler Season Was Not So Great and O’Malley and Obama Continue Attacking the 2nd Amendment

By Rich Johnson
This Spring Gobbler Season was somewhat disappointing. The Gobblers started talking before the season started for the weather was warm, and when the season started it was rainy and cold. Like I reported previously, the Gobblers were in a Rooster Mode for they would only talk in the morning when the sun came up, and go quiet 15 minutes after sunrise. Mother Nature needs to help out more. Below is a table with the Gobbler Harvest from 2006 to Present in Saint Mary’s. Back in 2006 I do remember better turkey hunting for they were talking and coming to you. I remember going down a logging road and hearing Gobblers calling all around me. I might have to get permission to hunt the property across from my creek to get a shot of those turkeys. I do miss having my cooker going with the peanut oil and a big turkey cooking. I hope next year it gets better.
Saint Mary’s County Spring Gobbler Harvest from 2006-2012 Season
Season: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Number of Gobblers Taken: 204 137 132 142 106 114 122

The Maryland DNR proposed dates for Deer Season are as follows: For Bow it starts 6 September and you have an “Unlimited” Bag Limit for Does. For Black Powder it starts 17 October, with Regular Gun starting 30 November. So you have 3 months to get ready for the next hunting season. Make sure you look at the DNR hunting dates once they firm up.
Now I mention that O’Malley and Obama are both currently in step in attacking the 2nd Amendment. Well it is true. O’Malley has signed into law the new Gun Law/Ban that is “Unconstitutional” for in order for you to exercise your 2nd Amendment Right you must now get finger printed and obtain a license that you will have to submit a Payment and re-new every few years. Should we have to do the same for Free Speech and the Freedom of Religion? There is no telling in O’Malley World. We in Maryland are no longer known as the “Free State” for this is not Freedom. How about “Tyranny State”?
And let us not forget President Obama and how he is also attacking the 2nd Amendment. Obama is expected to sign the United Nations (U.N.) Arms Trade Treaty on 3 June which is a direct conflict with our 2nd Amendment for it fails to recognize the 2nd Amendment “Right To Bear Arms” and the individual’s right to self defense. So now the U.N. will dictate whether of not law abiding citizens can exercise their 2nd Amendment Right unless Congress votes it down. Who would have thought our government could force you to buy something, but we all know that too well with Obama Care and forced purchase of Health Insurance or else face fines. So when the U.N. starts to dictate to Americans their 2nd Amendment Right, don’t forget I warned you.
So get ready for Deer Bow Season in September. You may want to get into crossbow and attend some Gun/Hunting shows before they too are banned. Support the 2nd Amendment, be safe and get that deer or turkey.

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